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Years 10 to 11

iUpper Secondary
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Our Year 10 and Year 11 students follow the two-year IGCSE - International General Certificate in Secondary Education (Ages 15 to 16). Our International GCSEs offer world-class qualifications for international students. Edexcel International GCSEs are studied worldwide and offer over 40 subjects. Students sit exams for each subject in either January or June in the second year of the programme. This gives students the options of taking some exams early or resitting exams where they want to improve the grade awarded.


Our qualifications have been designed in collaboration with subject experts, teachers and university professors, to ensure that the content and assessment methods are appropriate and will enable successful progression for learners. As a result, Edexcel IGCSEs are recognised by colleges and universities worldwide.


To see what International GCSE subjects are available, visit: edexcel-certificates.html


iUpper Secondary IGCSE (Subjects currently on offer)

Students at KSI may choose to study 9 or more IGCSEs examination subjects. These include mandatory core subjects:

1. EnglishLanguage,
2. Mathematics
3. Science(either as a double award subject or a combination of single subjects from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


A choice of three or four other subjects from the following

1. Geography
2. History
3. RE

4. MFL (ModernForeignLanguages)
5. BusinessStudies
6. ICT (Informationand Communication Technology)

7. EnglishLiterature
8. AdditionalMathematics
9. and perhaps a self-study first language

Plus, a choice of two or three subjects from the following:

1. PhysicalEducation

2. Art
3. DesignTech
4. Media

5. Photography

The range of choices will increase as the school grows.

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