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The world’s most widely taught English-medium curriculum is modelled on the English National Curriculum and taught at over 2,900 schools worldwide.



Kings Schools International has a specially designed international curriculum based on the English National Curriculum. The curriculum is committed to internationalism, developing the global citizen, providing an environment for optimal learning, and teaching in an international setting that fosters understanding, independence, interdependence, and cooperation.

Like other international schools, Kings Schools, International teaches language arts, mathematics, the sciences, humanities, performing arts, physical education, information technology, and design technology. KSI believes that equal weight should be given to sports, creative and performing arts and academics in order to ensure students have the widest possible choice of educational and vocational pathways from school, to university and employment.

For expatriate families, the curriculum allow some continuity in education while its alignment with Slovak educational requirements means that Slovak students may move seamlessly from state schools and back without interruption to their education.

Worldwide, there are in excess of 9,000 schools teaching a curriculum different from that of the host nation; commonly referred to as international schools. According to data maintained by the International Schools Consultancy Group, 6,734 of these schools were teaching fully in English or bilingually (English and local language) in 2013.

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