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A New School

Kings Schools International is the latest international school to open in Bratislava. The school officially opened for business in September 2018 after receiving full Slovak and international authorisation to teach students from 5 to 19 years of age.


We hope the video below will provide a clearer picture of life at KSI.


Kings Schools International, Bratislava believes in giving equal weight to sports, creativity and academics. To this end, the school opened in Mladost Sports Centre so as to enjoy the extensive facilities it has to offer. KSI has already invested heavily in refurbishment of the building and we hope that over time KSI will have a campus that is second to none in Bratislava.

Súkromná Základná Škola, Trnavská Cesta 3421/39, Bratislava

Súkromné Gymnázium, Trnavská Cesta 3421/39 Bratislava

Trnavská cesta 3421/39, 831 04 Nové Mesto, Bratislava



Tel: +421 919 379 965