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Kings Schools International welcomes students who wish to pursue a sport to a high level. Students will be offered a personalised programme of study which combines academic study with time to attend training sessions in a sport of their choice. KSI timetables lessons so that academic subjects are, for the most part, taught in the morning with less academic subjects and sports taught in the afternoon. This means that students enrolling in our sports academy programme are able to leave school early to attend training with minimum impact on their learning. Further adjustment to timetables may also be made to accommodate those students who need to attend morning training sessions or require time from school to take part in sport tournaments.


From Year 10 to Year 13, students may choose IGCSE and Advanced Level courses in subjects such as Physical Education and Sports Sciences. This will help prepare them for a future in sport even if they are unsuccessful or unable to participate in their chosen sport at a professional level.

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